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Today was an interesting one, and here I sit at the end of my day to once again spill my guts to my non-existent public. I like this though and for now am enjoying this sort of online diary which really as a writer is a unique way of putting your thoughts out as they come to you. No editing out anything, (well nothing but the spelling anyway...and even that escapes me sometimes).
The day proved to be too eventful to relate, with airline cancellations, rain and a myriad of other obstacles. Needless to say I survived, and appreciated the fact that it could have been worse. Like I could have not been able to rebook the tickets; had thunderous rain instead of a gentle shower that cooled things down; or that I could be stuck somewhere boring with nothing to do. Instead I'm here to save the day...ok maybe not save the day but certainly to add a bit of perspective on your day. Think of it as a reminder of how much better your life is even on the worst of days. I know that in some parts of the world that may not be entirely true, and there are real survivors out there getting through their ordeal one day at a time. We have little to complain about compared to their plight.
So people take a break from your 'life' and appreciate the life you have and all that is around you. And with that final note , I'm buzzin' off to bed and getting a few

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Welcome to Beez Wordz...yup that's me. I'm an aspiring writer who hopes one day to be famous but for now this is as good as it gets :) Until the publishing world recognizes my genius,(okay genius maybe a bit egotistical but it's my blog), I've decided to share my work on my own website. Mainly this is my way to vent as a writer and share my ideas with those of a like mind...hey at this point I'll talk to just about anyone who'll listen to me. So go ahead and buzz me.

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