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Hey so this is what it feels like to be talking to myself...interesting feeling...kinda like a big giant void echoing back...except for that 'all on the internet and everyone gets to see what I'm thinking' part. Well today proved to be another frustrating day of trying to make my website more interesting and get you (the internet viewing audience ;-) ) to visit. Now let me be crass and promote my websites. You can read my poetry and other pieces of work at Beez World . Also see my Beez Kidz World website which I did just becuase I like the little beings and wanted to see if I could do anything to help them with school in general. Anyhoo...all my blogs seem to be at night so again it's time for me to toddle off to bed, and have sweet dreams of hundreds of people blogging me tomorrow...maybe more...ok not gonna get greedy. Buh - byezzz.

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A Lil Bit About Me

Welcome to Beez Wordz...yup that's me. I'm an aspiring writer who hopes one day to be famous but for now this is as good as it gets :) Until the publishing world recognizes my genius,(okay genius maybe a bit egotistical but it's my blog), I've decided to share my work on my own website. Mainly this is my way to vent as a writer and share my ideas with those of a like mind...hey at this point I'll talk to just about anyone who'll listen to me. So go ahead and buzz me.

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