One Fine Day...

One Fine Day...and so the story begins...but alas the dreaded writers block creeps in like a vine and starts to choke the very essence of the writer. Papers lay on the ground, a testament to the many trees that have given their life for a muse that will not appear. The writer struggles through and slowly emerges weary and emotionally bruised to find the light. The story now slowly unfolds and at the end of the day...a whole paragraph is's a beginning.

So...if this sounds like a day or two in you world as a writer then be glad for it. These 'little' writers blocks bring out the brilliance in us when we finally get around to creating that one small paragraph... which leads to the 300 plus pages of a novel that, hopefully, someone will be smart enough to see as the next bestselling book.

The moral of this lesson folks is that struggle is good for the soul, it forces us to reach and fight for those things that we might otherwise have let fall on the side. So One Fine might just find your own 'writers block' leading to something better. So...Carpe Diem...Sieze the Day!

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Welcome to Beez Wordz...yup that's me. I'm an aspiring writer who hopes one day to be famous but for now this is as good as it gets :) Until the publishing world recognizes my genius,(okay genius maybe a bit egotistical but it's my blog), I've decided to share my work on my own website. Mainly this is my way to vent as a writer and share my ideas with those of a like mind...hey at this point I'll talk to just about anyone who'll listen to me. So go ahead and buzz me.

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