The 'write' energy - getting in the mood (and no you don't have to light candles for this...)

The 'write' energy is not about being in the zone, although that certainly makes things easier, but about getting your self writing. It's like exercise, and yes that's a dirty word in my book too, but in the case of writing it can be fun. Getting the 'write' energy is not always easy as you can have those lazy procrastinating days where you just can't find anything to make you even write one word much less a sentence. This is when you do something drastic. You get out your favorite book; read the synopsis to remind yourself what the story is about; pick a chapter you didn't particularly like and start to write it the way you would have wanted to see it. I usually start out by just typing out the words of the first paragraph, and as I get into the chapter, start changing the things I didn't like. Remember this is just an exercise to get your 'write' energy flowing, so don't worry about how it affects the story...blah blah blah. Once your writing seems to be going, switch to your own work in progress. Start by re-reading your own work and start writing.
This may not work for you but I suggest you try it out just for the heck of it. Let me know if it works for you or not. If you have suggestions that can help your fellow aspiring writers, post a comment or submit an article to me by e-mail and I'll be happy to post it here on my blog and on my Beez World website.
Alrighty then all you future bestsellers...I'll see you around.

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Sarina said...

This blog is speaking to me, so often I procrastinate when i should be reading/writing or other things tht become difficult n i break away from everyday jobs. The 'write' energy does come along by doin this exercise esp. if u allow ur creative side to shine it becomes more fun;-)

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